Monday, March 16, 2015

NIAGARA FALLS" - A Dark Comedy Thriller by W. Keith Sewell





A TYPICAL SATURDAY AFTERNOON. At Mega Mall East – the second largest shopping mall in America.

Full of soccer moms chasing soccer kids and babies on level 2.

TEEN-AGED GIRLS chasing boys at the HIDEOUT' ARCADE while dancing to the latest Jay-Z bump on level 3.

While latecomers herd through the doors with toddlers and strollers in tow on level 1.

yep, typical…

So thought RICHARD DUKES, who excuses the cow that just rolled up his ankle for the umpteenth time coming through the double doors with her double-stroller.

                        That's okay ma'am, shit happens… I was just wondering
                        why this shit keeps happening to me.

The cow frowns back at him and rolls away, Richard gives her a short wave good-bye.

                        How do you deal with this crap every Saturday afternoon.
                        I rather be handcuffed to my desk at work all fucking day.

                                                ALICE DUKE
                        Honeeey, watch your language… there are kids everywhere.

                        These aren't kids, they're aliens sent here to annihilate us with                                        their maniacal, shin-kicking, booger-pulling ways.

Richard looks down at the chubby, curly-haired kid standing toe-to-toe mining boogers in front of him.                                 

                        Don't eat that young man… it's not healthy.

                        Yes it is! I am gonna eat it!

                        I ate a few boogers in my day and look at what it did to me.

                        I don't care! I'm still eating it!

He screams, stuffs his mouth, and runs away.

                        Bon' appetite kid…

Richard critique’s the get-up of the THREE BEHEMOTHS in rubber ponchos that cross before them. The One with the suspicious looking eye-patch stares back at him.

                        What a circus… Look at these guys! It's a hundred
                        degrees outside and these guys are wearing tents.

                        What are you? Terrorists… Hari Krishna's, out for a
                        little beg and bag! What?

Sherman's seven year old son, DREW, tugs at his sleeve.

                        Call of Duty! Call of Duty! Lets go play 
                        Call of Duty! You promised!

                        Ok, ok, but first lets’ go play "Call of the Doody"
                        in the little boys room. Ok? Is that alright with you?

                        NO! I wanna go play now!!

                        It's ok hon'… you go play with yourself, while I take
                        Drew upstairs to the arcade…

                        Ha ha, very funny…

Richard watches as Drew, holding Mommy's hand, drags her towards the escalator.

                        Mommy, why does Daddy wanna go play with himself
                        instead of with us?

                        I've been asking myself that very same question lately…

                        Haha, I heard that… “you're a riot Alice".


Richard relaxes in stall #4, reading the latest rhetoric on gun control from the Wall Street Journal editorial page. When -

THE AIR EXPLODES WITH THE SOUND OF RAPID GUN FIRE, followed by screams and two loud blast from a saw-off shotgun. Richard, nearly falls through the toilet seat. He peaks under stall door #4 and witnesses rapid AK fire taking down two boys and their Dad washing their hands, and an octogenarian who exits his stall two seconds too soon.

Shotgun blasts riddle stalls one, two, and three. Richard remains frozen, perch atop the commode in stall #4 when the perp is summoned and calmly exits the blood filled room.


envelops the lower level of the mall, except for the streams of light illuminating the carnage at the front entrance.  People are systematically gunned down as two of the perpetrators in hockey masks and blood covered ponchos, mow their way through the hapless crowd.

                                    My God, why is this happening? Alice

A SOCCER MOM, white blouse covered in blood, reaches out for Sherman under the shadow of the escalator.

                                                            LADY IN BLOOD
                                    Please, help me… please… please…

She tugs at his ankles, but all Richard can think of is getting to his family.

                                    Ok lady, calm down. I'm gonna get you
                                    some help okay?

                                                            LADY IN BLOOD
                                    Where's my son?

Before Richard can find the whole in her chest to stop the bleeding, her eyes roll upward as her last breath gurgles out the corner of her mouth.
                                    I'm sure he's fine… ma'am.

Richard crawls his way up the escalator to the 3rd floor. Past the hopeless screams of teenagers grabbing at his ankles, reaching out for dear life. A decorated teen in a blood-stained lettermen's jacket, grabs hold of Sherman's hand prohibiting him from going further...

He looks up at Richard, with watery eyes.. Richard looks away... then looks up when he sees Drew staring down at him.

On the third floor, his wife lay dying in a pool of her own blood. Richard arrives just in time to hear her spit out her last breath.

                                    Richard, you did this…

Her limp hand falls from her frozen son's grasp. Richard grabs his son in his arms, hugging and checking him for wounds...

SIRENS AND FLASHING LIGHTS shatter the silence of the dead and dying as FIRST RESPONDERS flood the scene. A tragic scene - one sure to go down in the history books of mass-murders in America – somebody call Guinness…



Saturday, January 31, 2015

AFTER EARTH I I "The Second Coming" - by W. Keith Sewell


"Kitai's Dream"




Kitai goes over and over in his mind the scene of he and his father, the great Cypher Raige, finally being rescued from the intolerable Planet Earth, after being shipwrecked for over 3 months. He watches his father, prone on a hovering gurney with his Mom and sister by his side as they move him into the medical bay terminal.

A massive URSA, a fear-sensing beast, explodes from the ship hull and attacks everyone in its path, Rangers and civilians, in an all-out stampede towards Kitai. He takes out his cutlass and gets into a defensive stance.

                             CYPHER RAIGE
               Stand your ground Ranger. Stand Your Ground!!

Kitai heeds his fathers advice, trembling in the light of his approaching doom.

                              CYPHER RAIGE
                  No fear… Son, NO FEAR!…

The beast lunges at Kitai. He freezes, covers his head and SCREAMS.

…and wakes up!


Kitai, sits up on his elbows inside the protective, parachute like cocoon. Beads of sweat trickle down his chest. His breathing is elevated. He hears his father’s voice in his head.

                             CYPHER RAIGE(V.O.)
               Relax. Take a deep breath… check your pulse. Relax son.

Kitai, takes three deep breaths and checks his vitals again on his wrist monitor. Vitals back to normal, he lays back in a prone position, totally naked, due to the amount of body heat he produces which warms his protective environment. All is silent. Kitai closes his eyes.

A looming shadow grows larger outside his cocoon. NINE-INCH FANGS protrude from its massive head. The SHADOW slowly moves back and forth across the wall of his cocoon. Kitai holds his breath for what seems an eternity. His right hand clenches the ’cutlass’ by his side.

The shadow of a huge SaberCat lunges at Kitai, his claws rip the cocoon to shreds, his fangs come to within inches of Kitai’s face. Kitai rolls out of harms way and swings upward slashing the SaberCat around its striped furry neck.

Blood splatters over Kitai’s face as the big cat lets out a screeching wail and retreats.

Kitai collapses to the ground, a moment, before he catapults again into a defensive position. Wide awake now, he scans a full 360’ of his domain in the early dawn light…

He looks at his wrist monitor .. It reads "DAY 700" of his being marooned on Planet Earth; Sector 9.  Class 1

And day 627 A.D. .. after the death and burial of the Great Cypher Raige.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

STEP INTO A DREAM: A musical comedy by W. Keith Sewell

STEP INTO A DREAM: a musical-comedy about young love - by W. Keith Sewell

Senior year of high school and all is well between Tess and Romi until the most popular girl in school, chooses him over all others to be her man and escort her to the Prom, turning his world upside down and breaking his true love’s heart.
in Theaters Feb 27

It's Grease", Fridays" and DWTS all rolled into one!

This is a story about young love, first love, when ROMI meets TESS, it is 'first sight' love. All is good in their little world until, "Ms Most Attractive" the most popular girl in school two years straight, sets her sights on him, leaving him praised, dazed and confused. He bows to the pressure from his peers and breaks Tess's heart in the process. Romi's popularity grows in his new clique - and wither's his friendship with his crew. He soon realizes his big mistake and makes every attempt to win back Tess' love, even up to the final climatic dance where he gets one last chance to recapture her heart.

STEP INTO A DREAM – is a feet-thumping joyride through the fun-loving seventies. The renaissance era of classic R&B. With groups like Gary's own Jackson Five providing the backdrop for a group of teenagers fighting for every second of their freedom, fun and innocence before taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013



THE OLYMPIANS – a comedy adventure by W. Keith Sewell

A tiny African country, abandoned by Great Britain and facing economic disaster, takes a misfit band of athletes to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, in search of fame, fortune and foreign aid.

Its "Coming to America" dead ass broke!

STEP INTO A DREAM: A musical comedy about young love by W. Keith Sewell

Senior year of high school and all is well between Tess and Romi until Ms Most Attractive, the most popular girl in school, chooses him over all others to escort her to the Prom, turning his world upside down and breaking his true love’s heart.

It's Grease", Cooley High" and DWTS all rolled into one!

NIAGARA FALLS – a dark comedy thriller by W. Keith Sewell

A disgruntled gun lobbyist commits suicide from the top of Niagara Falls after he witnesses the massacre of a hundred innocent people – including his wife – at a shopping mall. But something funny and strange happens to him on the way down that earns him a chance at redemption.

"I'm sorry, There is no comparison for this movie."

MANCAVE – a sophomoric comedy by W. Keith Sewell

Think “American Pie” goes viral as four outcast pledges are sent on a "quest for the golden panties" by their Frat Brothers and get entangled in a web of debauchery, sex, and kidnapping at the infamous "ManCave' entertainment complex.

AFTER EARTH II : "The Second Coming..." 


 Unequivocally – YASS!  With a reworking of the storyline and redirection of Kitai’s character path. This great story idea has plenty of life left in it…

 Rewritten in ‘beast mode’ Kitai is put on a terrestrial fast-track full of jolting, jump-out-of-your-seat confrontations, which propel Kitai towards a revealing and shocking discovery. Where he is forced to make a choice that effects not only his life but the survival of the human race – AFTER EARTH.


 “The Second Coming…”

Logline and ‘one sheet’ synopsis available upon request.

DOWNTOWN – 30 min sitcom by W. Keith Sewell.


Pilot episode and storylines for 3 additional episodes. single-camera format.

The flip-funny-side of "Orange is the New Black"

MY CROSS-COUNTRY TRIP WITH ELVIS – A comedy-fantasy by W. Keith Sewell.

A discharged soldier on a cross-country trek home to Chicago, picks up an Elvis impersonator, who claims he's the real Elvis on the eve of his death, outside of Barstow, CA. They share the ride, conversation, and strange confrontations on his way home to Graceland.


HOOSIERS II a sports drama based on true events by W. Keith Sewell

In 1968, during the height of the civil rights movement', a frustrated basketball Coach, in the final year of an unrewarded 35 year career, takes a team of over-achievers down-state to the Indiana High School Championships to face their greatest opponent - 'hatred and fear' - amid a bedrock of racial discrimination and the Ku Klux Klan.

GENESIS  An apocalyptic epic drama by W. Keith Sewell

In the Days of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… God once walked the earth.

In the year 2015, those days have returned….

MADEA VS MADILLA – another in a long line of hilarious ‘Madea special moment’ comedies by W. Keith Sewell

Madea meets her match when her deranged half-sister is released from prison and treks out to find her... Dead or Alive.

W. Keith Sewell

Sunday, May 19, 2013

AFTER EARTH - Is After Earth salvageable? "Danger is Real... Fear is a Choice"

courtesy of Overbrook Ent and Sony SPE.


Unequivocally - YASS! ... With a reworking of the storyline and redirection of Kitai's character path. This great story idea has plenty of life left in it... enough for a three-peat! 

Rewritten in 'beast mode', Kitai is put on a terrestrial fast-track full of jolting, jump-out-of-your-seat confrontations, which propel Kitai towards a revealing and shocking discovery. Where he is forced to make a choice that effects not only his life but the survival of the human race - AFTER EARTH.


"The Second Coming..."

Act One

"The Baboon King"

   Act Two

"The Hunt for Kitai's soul"

courtesy of 

Act Three

"Fear is not a Choice."

courtesy of 

Logline... and 'one sheet' synopsis available on request. 

W. Keith Sewell 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Olympians' - a comedy-adventure by W. Keith Sewell



LOGLINE: A tiny obscure, African country, abandoned by Great Britain and facing economic disaster, takes a misfit band of athletes to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, in search of fame, fortune and foreign aid.


When the tiny West African country of Ubania gets dumped by Great Britain, and is no longer eligible for foreign aid. Young King, JAMALA III, declares war against the United States, Russia, and Great Britain at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in search of fame and fortune. A move the sinister British Deputy Prime Minister did not see coming…

 With his trusty side-kick Massa John by his side, King Jamala takes a worldwide tour to China, Europe, and America - humbly, in search of assistance and foreign aid. Only to be patronized or ostracized by governments all over the world.

On the advice of a successful marketing executive, and a New York city cab driver, King Jamala pulls together a ragtag team of gifted athletes with the help of his devoted wingman, Massa John, eccentric uncle- Bampe, and Coach Johnson, a once-revered track and field coach; Before they set off on a precarious journey across the mid-Atlantic to America and certain defeat.

“THE OLYMPIANS” is a tale of empowerment. Empowering one’s self to overcome all obstacles. Whether it be a victory for one, or an entire people. The power lies within each and everyone of us.

It's like .. "Coming to America" dead ass broke!

W. Keith Sewell

Monday, April 15, 2013

Could this be Jaden Smith's latest venture before transitioning into Superstardom!


杰登史密斯我爱你中国 !

Is it time for Jaden Smith to transition into more adult roles? And is it time for him to discover a project that exhibits his multi-talents in a different light from what we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing so far - in his astronomical career...

As Jaden moves from teen to young adult, after all his success - I am sure he is confident in his ability to take on more adult roles and responsibilities. Including producing, directing his own projects.

"I'm a Man now mama… I can do what I want to do."

"Boy, don't make me hurt you...! "

[Not actual conversation people so don’t get crazy!]

I'm certain he is eager to show off some his other talents. Music and dance is strong in the Smith family. And if Jaden can learn karate, he can learn how to 'Dance with the Stars.'

"STEP INTO A DREAM A musical-comedy 

A struggling choreographer returns home to rekindle his passion for dancing and is swept back in time to his high school days, where he gets a chance to relive the music, the dance, and the love he left behind.

"Step into a Dream" could be the perfect transitional piece for Jaden before he moves into more adult roles. It allows him the rare opportunity to be a part of an ensemble piece with actors his own age. Playing a quiet young man who falls in love for the very first time. The innocent type of love from the seventies...

STEP INTO A DREAM - is a hilarious, feet-thumping joyride through the fun-loving seventies, the renaissance era of classic R&B. With groups like Gary’s own Jackson Five providing the musical backdrop to a generation of young people fighting for every second of
freedom before dealing with the hardship of 'living life' in a dying steel town…

It’s Grease, Fridays and DWTS all rolled into one!

W. Keith Sewell

Jaden Smith photos courtesy of J. P. Smith facebook page
Dance prints courtesy of 12991712-vector-illustration-of-a-couple-dancing-on-green
22435178 - ballroom-dancers; 21963539-ballroom-dancers-tangoing-in-silhouette

I apologize in advance for any unintended copyright infringements.